10 Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

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10 Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Naija Read
Being a student in Nigeria is not
cheap. You have to pay for books
and handouts, make photocopies,
pay for transportation,
accommodation and feeding as well
as a whole lot of other expenses.
Considering the fact that most
Nigerian parents are within the
middle and low income bracket, it is
doubtful that students would be
able to get everything they need to
survive in school from home.
 But instead of engaging in practices
that may jeopardize your future,
why not look for a business that you
can do on the side; one that would
not interfere with your academics
but would provide you with a lot of
extra money to take care of your
needs in school and even save
something for when you graduate.
Here are 10 great business ideas
which you can consider doing while
in school;

1. Tutoring
Many parents who work full-time
require the services of expert tutors
who can help their kids with difficult
subjects at school and also help
them with their home work while
they at work.
There are two ways through which
you can handle tutoring as a
student. The first way is to do it
online. There are many websites
that you can register on to become
an online tutor and make money
during your spare time at school.
The other way is to search for
parents that you can advertise your
services to, so that you can
schedule a time to visit their homes
and teach their kids.

 2. Sports training
If there are any particular sports
you are good at, you can think of
becoming a sports trainer. I
remember that when I was in the
university we used to have fitness
clubs organized by students and to
join such clubs, you had to pay a
token as membership fees. The
organizers made sizable amounts of
money for themselves doing this
 3. Graphic design
Graphic design is huge right now
especially because of the high
percentage of people creating new
websites. Web designers need
graphic designers to help them
create banners, logos and other
similar materials to use to make
their websites beautiful.
There is also a vast number of
opportunities offline that graphic
designers can tap into including
designing logos, business cards,
brochures and business cards for
various small and large

4. Freelance writing
Another business idea for a Nigerian
student is to become a freelance
Writer. You can find a lot of
freelance writing jobs on websites
like Freelancer, Odesk, Elance,
Fiverr and other micro-job websites.

 5. Blogging
Is there a topic you are passionate
about? Or would you like other
people to read of your experiences
as a Nigerian Student? You can
make a lot of money from blogging
about diverse topics you love and
the good thing is you can start this
business without a kobo. All you
need is your laptop and access to
the internet.

 6. Hairdressing
This is a good idea for female
students. You can help your fellow
female students to make their hair
and charge them a token for it. You
can choose to do this on weekends
only to avoid undue interference
with your academic work.

7. Event planning
Event planning is another easy
business you can do as a student
especially since most events fall
during the weekend when there is
little or no school work to be done.

8. Pet breeding
Another great business that can
make you a student millionaire in
no time is pet breeding. Imported
dog breeds like Alsatians,
Rottweilers and German Shepherds
are some of the pets in very high
demand in the Nigerian market.

9. Sewing
You can also make money from
helping other students to sew and
mend their clothes.

10. Web design
Lastly, you should consider
becoming a web designer. Although
you mind need to spend some time
learning the skills but as soon as
you grasp the skills, there are no
limit to what you can earn from web
designing even as a student.
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